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The Message of the Founder

My dear colleagues,

Prof. Dr. Rıdvan Ege our primary teacher in hand surgery, who published The Hand Surgery Book in 1991. “In my opinion, if the historical evolution of a topic is known, and if the hard working pioneers are recognized closely, that topic is loved more, and people are attracted to that topic more.  With this belief in hand surgery, I attempted to recognize most of the famous personalities of the past, and the present closely. I have evaluated them neither with their beliefs, and practices that are not applicable today nor with their failures. I rather praised their achievements of the past with my whole heart, and eye.” says Dr. Ege. At the preface of the 9th Turkish Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery Congress Book published at 2004, under the title “The Historical Evolution of Hand Surgery in The World, and in Turkey”, he tells us his 42 years at the Turkish Hand Surgery arena, and his 27 years at the society which was founded by himself. He tells the whole story from the eyes of a person who has seen everything.

The examples of microsurgical practices appeared in our country for the first time in 1978 by the honorary president of our society, Prof. Dr. Ayan Gülgönen. These are the significant milestones of the historical evolution of Reconstructive Microsurgery and Modern Hand Surgery in Turkey. I tried to present you the details on the history menu of the website of our brother society, Reconstructive Microsurgey Society (http://www.turkrmcd.org).

We can witness how information, and mastery have evolved in Turkey at the area of Hand Surgery, and Microsurgery by evaluating the two sources mentioned above. It is very vital to transfer this experience to other surgeons who would be interested in this area.

Our society wishes to give support to fill the gaps of this topic.  It is very important for us.

For this reason, one of our first basic goals is ressurecting the Hand Surgery Clubs in order to maintain real family ties, trust, professional cooperation, and social support among our members.

The second goal is for the patients.  There are special times when the patients can not reach the facilities of treatment. Some emergency patients require emergency hand surgery,and microsurgery practices.  Our society wishes to fulfill all the requirements for these patients to reach help of high standards.  The educational foundations, and the public hospitals should be supported in this direction.

Our society aspires to have a role in decreasing the present health challenges, in enabling our improvement, and in fostering new surgeons.

With hope, love, and respect.


Türker Özkan

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