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Prof. Dr. Rıdvan Ege our primary teacher in hand surgery, who published The Hand Surgery Book in 1991. “In my opinion, if the historical evolution of a topic is known, and if the hard working pioneers are recognized closely, that topic is loved more, and people are attracted to that topic more.  With this belief in hand surgery, I attempted to recognize most of the famous personalities of the past, and the present closely...

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Reconstructive microsurgery is a surgical field where specialized operating microscopes and precision instrumentation are utilized to perform intricate operations on tiny structures. Utilizing magnification up to fifty times that produced by the naked eye and stitches finer than a hair, surgeons are able to repair transected blood vessels and nerves less than 1mm in diameter.

The ability to reestablish continuity and blood flow to small, severed nerves and vessels has made a major impact on the potential to restore form and function to individuals impaired by trauma, cancer and congenital differences. Advances in technology and surgical technique in the early 1960s for the first time allowed surgeons to successfully replant severed digits and limbs.

        Management and transport of an amputated limb. TISK Microsurgery and Reconstruction Foundation (TÖ)  

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Article 3-  For the membership of the Society, an individual has to fulfill the criteria for the capacity to act stated by the Turkish Civil Code.  Also, the following criteria have to be fulfilled:

I.Actual Member:  The individual has to have the capacity to act, and he/she has to adopt the goals and principles of the Society, and accept to work in their direction.  He/she has to carry the pre-conditions dictated by the statute.  The doctors who are educated, or who are being educated in the field of Hand Surgery and Microsurgical…


Hand Surgery

All types of dermal, subcutaneous, muscular, tendinous, nervous, vascular, articular, and osseous injuries, diseases, and problems from the tip of the finger to the shoulder constitute the basic topics of Hand Surgery.

The closed fractures and dislocations without an open injury,muscular and tendinous ruptures, and dermal lacerations of this field are in the therapeutical content of Hand Surgery. All types of open injuries such as serious injuries of the extremities, amputations (Feet and legs included), structural abnormalities, and burns are the topics of interest of Hand Surgery.

EMERGENCY HAND CARE and MICROSURGERY SOCIETY  Valikonağı Cad. Sezai Selek Sok. Akil Apt. No:6  D:5 Nişantaşı 34365, İSTANBUL TURKEY  Tel: 0212. 2304118 Fax: 0212.2466124  E-mail:

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